The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon has four different packages which you can book online in advance. If you want to do it on the cheap just bring flip flops and your own towel and get the basic package which is 40euro.

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I recommend arriving early because it gets really crowded around midday with tour bus groups. We arrived around 9am and queued up for about ten minutes. A quick change and out to the Blue Lagoon. We spent about four hours there in total and it was probably the highlight of the trip for me. It’s a beautiful place and unbelievably relaxing. The novelty of sitting in geothermal water while it’s absolutely baltic outside really doesn’t wear off. There’s also a bar, steam room and sauna which anybody can use.

Bring moisturiser and put it on beforehand because the water can sting your face a bit particularly if you have a few spots or have just shaved. Also wind and hailstones will still get your head and face so it might help to protect your skin a bit. The Blue Lagoon provides conditioner which you should use before you get in because the water makes you hair extremely dry.

You’re given a wristband at the beginning with the colour denoting which package you have. You use the wristband for the lockers and for buying drinks which you then pay for at the end of your visit. You can leave your towel on hooks just beside the water but if it rains then your towel will get wet which happened to me. Better off leaving it inside because if it’s outside and it rains you just won’t have the willpower to get out of the heat and move it. Or at least I didn’t…

Prepare yourself for loads of GoPros and mobile phones in waterproof bags. Some people just carry their phone around without a cover in the pursuit of the perfect selfie. People were pretty much just obsessed with getting selfies to be honest. While this was slightly pathetic it also provided some excellent entertainment as everyone walked around with one arm up in the freezing cold air.

The Blue Lagoon at 9am




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