Reykjavik town is nice but if you’re planning a trip you definitely don’t need more than a day or even half a day to explore it. There are plenty of bars and restaurants but they are really expensive so we only ate out twice. On the last night we ate in Tapas Barinn. We thought getting tapas was a cheaper option in order to try whale but it really wasn’t and the portions are minuscule except for the patatas bravas. However, the food was absolutely delicious and there was a lovely atmosphere. We paid about 50euro for four tapas dishes but they didn’t exactly fill us. Don’t worry though – there’s always Subway!

Bonus is the Aldi/Lidl of Reykjavik and located on the main street. The logo is a pig griswho looks like it’s had about ten pints so it’s hard to miss. We bought the essentials like milk, bread, Coco Pops, eggs, pasta, etc. I was a bit shocked when the bill came to €50 considering it was the cheap supermarket but lots of the food is imported, which pushes the prices up.

iceland-2bpylsur-stand-12bcopyThere’s a famous hotdog stand near the Flea Market called Baejarins Beztu Pylsur (you can Google Map it) which apparently served Bill Clinton. We queued
in the rain for our hot dogs and in fairness they were delicious.

Hallgrimskirkja Church is at the top of the hill (it’s not steep). It’s a Church Of Ireland church and the largest in Iceland apparently. It’s open from 9am until 5pm and you can go up to the very top of it to look out over the city. I’ll probably go to hell for saying this but nobody checked our tickets so you could possibly get away without paying (so sorry God)… If you are a good person and you do pay it’s about €6.50 each. The view is nice but if you’re low on money then I wouldn’t bother. The part I liked most was the church organ which is unbelievable.

Harpa which is Iceland’s concert hall and conference centre is also well worth a visit. It has a shop, a cafe and is just generally nice to wander around. There’s always plenty of people there so you won’t look like a completely random person amongst a load of posh concert goers.

Harpa Concert Hall

Last but not least there’s Reykjavik harbour which is so beautiful. There’s a sculpture of a ship called Sólfar which means sun voyager. It’s really impressive but the view steals the show. Particularly in the evenings when the mountains in the distance look the they’re glowing.



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