ZipWorld Velocity

I never thought the longest zip line in Europe and fastest in the world would be jScreen Shot 2016-04-16 at 7.39.35 pmust a 15 minute drive from where I live in Wales. It costs £60 which is super expensive but it’s a once off experience and lots of people had recommended it to me so I decided to go for it. IMG-20151009-WA0008

Public transport to ZipWorld is pretty useless but we planned ahead and rented a car (I always use Aberconwy Car & Van Hire) for the weekend. It’s only a 15 minute drive from Bangor so a taxi would probably be reasonable too. ZipWorld provide helmets with attachments for various camera types so you can use a GoPro if you’re lucky enough to own one. All the helmets are numbered, enter this in to one of the computers there and you will be emailed a personalised video for free.

After being weighed (and having my weight written on my hand…) I was given my suit, helmet and googles. We then walked up to the ‘practice’ Zip line which was still pretty huge by my standards and you go about 45km/hour. It was great to get a feel for what the actual experience would be like and what to expect when starting and finishing. It was also loads of fun.

Then we got a very bScreen Shot 2016-04-16 at 7.27.53 pmumpy bus up to the top of a quarry with some information about the area playing over a speaker. Even though I had really enjoyed the smaller zip line I was very nervous. When we arrived at the top I nearly had a heart attack when I saw how high up we actually were. You can reach speeds of 119km/hour on this one (to be precise) so the thoughts of that were terrifying. However once I actually set off it was the best thing ever. It’s hard to describe the experience but you don’t feel like you’re going fast at all and the views are incredible. You really feel like you’re flying. Overall, an unbelievable experience that I would love to do again.


Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 7.28.38 pm
And we’re off!


Delighted to be alive



2 thoughts on “ZipWorld Velocity

  1. I’m thinking of doing this in summer as part of a series of challenges I’m doing to raise money for Cats Protection this year. I’m terrified of heights though (I guess it wouldn’t be a challenge if I wasn’t)! Once you’re strapped in do you have to jump off anything? Not sure I could do that 🙂


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