The Explorean Kohunlich, Mexico | Hotel Review

The Explorean Kohunlich is a glorious oasis in the Mayan Jungle where you can experience luxury, unbelievable food, and a taste of authentic Mexico far from the beaches and lights of Cancun. It’s the one hotel I can’t stop thinking about! If you find this content useful, please consider buying me a coffee.

The hotel is all-inclusive which is standard in Mexico but this also includes a free excursion every day with their bilingual trained guides (We were the only guests who weren’t from Mexico!). Each day 10-15 guests would pile into two of their minivans to go kayaking or visit Mayan Ruins in jungle. Sometimes the attractions were just a short cycle away down empty roads. A particular highlight was the evening kayaking trip. We did all of the excursions on our itinerary and loved every single one. The guides were wonderful and took great care to share their knowledge and point out monkeys and other animals in the trees. They made sure we got the most out of every day there (we had some early starts!).

Three large permanent wooden gazebos (a relaxation area, the restaurant and reception) and an infinity pool form the epicentre of the hotel. From here, paths meander away towards the lodgings with a wooden huts with thatched roofs. The rooms were beautiful with so many personal touches and a waterfall shower overlooking the private garden. We had a private porch with a hammock and seating area. Each morning fresh muffins were left outside our door in a wicker basket. There is no internet in the hotel apart from the relaxation area and reception so it was the perfect opportunity to unwind and relax.

Each day at lunch and dinner we were offered two options (meat or fish) but the chef always put an amazing vegetarian meal together for me with just as much care and effort as the other dinners. The restaurant setting was beautiful and relaxed. Snacks and buffet food were also available throughout the day.

It’s the perfect hotel to relax and unwind in the middle of nature, but doesn’t cost too much. This hotel is in my top three of all time and it was a genuine privilege to spend time with and learn from the local guides. Furthermore, the hotel has awards for sustainability right down to only selling certain insect repellants to avoid harming the natural area.

Getting there: From Cancun, we took ‘The Mosquito’ (via Mayair) which is a tiny propeller plane to Chetumal. There, we were greeted by a hotel staff member who drove us about an hour to the hotel along bumpy roads through tiny villages in the heart of Mexico. If the The Explorean Kohunlich is a little too far for you, check out it’s sister hotel The Explorean Cozumel instead which isn’t too far from Cancun.

If you found this content useful, please consider buying me a coffee.

Mayan Ruins


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